Hydraulic Steel Structures are implemented in their entirety at BRAUN.

The order field includes small, special, and large systems.

Individual tasks require individual solutions to achieve optimum efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Constantly implemented by qualified and longtime employees of BRAUN, service life and maintenance-friendly constructions are features which are both important and expected from customers.

Though close cooperation with major operators at hydroelectric power plants, we are constantly developing our know-how.


Rake Cleaning Systems

Optimal rake cleaning pays off.

Removal of screenings tailored to respective needs.


There are various ways to arrange the trash rack, and thus there are just as many technical solutions for the reliable and efficient cleaning of the trash racks.

BRAUN rake cleaning systems have implemented rake cleaning and screenings disposal consistently and successfully for decades.


Classic raking systems as well as unobstructed and fish-friendly intake racks are additional BRAUN rake cleaning products.

Welded or screwed versions. Rod clear span is possible up to 10 mm.

Possible surface finish: rustproof, coated, zinc-plated or "black".


Weir Systems

BRAUN weir barriers already reliably regulate hundreds of weir systems worldwide.

As simple as the weir flap's functional principle is, the technology behind it is all the more complex. High demands are placed upon the construction due to their hydrodynamic forces during flood release.

The right concept at the right place. The correct arrangement and design of weir barriers may considerably minimize operating costs.

Bottom Outlet / High Pressure

BRAUN bottom outlet gates are manufactured by our specialists at the plant in Vöcklabruck and then precisely mounted and put into service on-site.


Sluice gates or roller gates (with or without controls) in elaborately welded valve housings execute their reliable service in diverse storage power plants worldwide.

Fish Migration Systems

Intelligente Fischwandersysteme ermöglichen in der heutigen Zeit den Fischpopulationen das Auf,- und Absteigen in unseren Gewässern.


Die gemeinsam mit unserem Kunden projektierte und umgesetzte Fischaufstiegs,- und Abstiegsschleuse mit energetischer Restwassernutzung ist sicherlich ein Vorzeigeprojekt.

Ebenfalls konnte durch eine Weiterentwicklung der bereits langjährig erprobten und zuverlässigen Teleskoprechenreinigungsmaschine ein innovativer Fischabstieg verwirklicht werden.


Whether it's the restoration of individual components or entire systems – the BRAUN service team will master any requests on-site or at our plant in Vöcklabruck.


BRAUN makes it their mission to find the best possible solution for new inventory requests, in complience with innovation and cost effectiveness.

Custom Solutions

Whether you want to optimize, expand upon or construct new hydroelectric power plants, BRAUN is your reliable partner for innovative hydraulic steelwork as well as timely, competent project implementation. The entire project planning process, construction, static calculations, and electrical planning as well as the general production and control system production take place in-house at our location in Vöcklabruck. Installation is performed by our own personnel in Central Europe and worldwide by BRAUN supervisors, thus guaranteeing an effective quality management until the system can be handed over to the client.