Family History

1st Generation

1759 - 1841
Isidor Braun

During his time in military service, Isidor was the first blacksmith for Empress Maria Theresia.

In 1798 he founded the first and only file production in the Schwarzwald area in Konstanz.

2nd Generation

1801 - 1866
Isidor Karl Braun

Isidor Karl was the founder of the company in Schöndorf near Vöcklabruck. He moved from Konstanz in 1848 to the large economic region of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy and acquired a property from Count Engl near Vöcklabruck, which met his wishes due to the nearby water power. Isidor Karl added on to the castle and built a hammer mill and a crucible steel smeltery. His expertise of crucible steel production, which he learned in England, was also a reason for the quality of the products which gave the plant its good reputation.

3rd Generation

1825 - 1898
Martin Braun

Martin Braun had many great achievements around Vöcklabruck, aside from expanding the company, and founded the Paixhanslia. Together with his brother Isidor, he was named an honorary citizen of the city of Vöcklabruck on March 4, 1874. He bought the Zöblmühle on the plant channel and lead the company along with Isidor until 1898. He died childless and left his part of the company to his nephew Ernst Theodor.

1835 - 1907
Johann Ulrich Isidor Braun

Isidor Karl's three sons were Martin, Leopold, and Johann Isidor.

Leopold started his own business and founded a brewery in Puchheim – today the location belongs to the Spitz company.

Martin and Isidor obtained contracts such as file steel and gun-proof cuirasses for the royal arsenal. Isidor expanded the company together with Martin until 1898. Taking care of the workers at the factory was very important to both brothers, as was innovation.

4th Generation

1868 - 1925
Isidor Adolf Braun

Isidor Adolf acquired the knowledge to refine steel using electricity from Kjellin in Sweden in 1902. The electro-steel plant was fitted with an electric steel furnace  It was the first induction furnace in Central Europa.

1870 - 1907
Ernst Theodor Braun

Following his graduation from TU, Ernst Theodor Braun lead the company together with his brother Isidor from 1898-1907. Because he died childless, his part of the company went to Isidor IV, thus making him the sole owner.

5th Generation

1906 - 1997
Martin Isidor Braun

Born in 1906, Dipl.-Ing. Martin Braun was the technical leader and head of construction. Under his leadership, the machines were developed to streamline file production, forging machines, and cut-off machines.

born 1908
Walter Dusl

Dipl.-Ing. Walter Dusl (brother-in-law) lead the development of material management, logistics, and finances. He also played a significant part in purchasing and exporting files.

born 1924
Ernst Theodor Braun

Dkfm. Ernst Braun lead the development of sales for files and cut-off machines, lead human resources, and implemented cost accounting. He also made contact internationally with other file factories and was responsible for expanding the abrasive manufacturers.


6th Generation

born 1949
Gerhard Dusl

Mag. Gerhard Dusl (son of Walter Dusl and Maria Dusl, maiden name Braun) administered the purchasing department and expanded the sales network for files with a focus on Europe, North and South America.

born 1951
Martin Christian Braun

After working in France and the USA, Dipl.-Ing. Martin Christian Braun took over leadership in 1979, started an in-house IT, and expanded the sales of hydraulic steel structures. Dipl.-Ing. Martin Christian Braun has been the sole owner of the BRAUN Maschinenfabrik and the BRAUN power plant since 1989. In 1998, he was awarded the golden award of merit from the city of Vöcklabruck. In 2007 he acquired property for the file factory. The internationalization of the Maschinenfabrik was accelerated.

born 1957
Michael Braun

Michael Braun (son of Ernst Braun and Waltraud Braun) joined the company in 1975 and expanded the sales for abrasives for anchoring. In 1989, he became the managing director and owner of I. Braun's Sons' File Factory as well as the rapid abrasive manufacturers. In 2007 the file factory moved to Portugal.

7th Generation

born 1987
Lennart Martin Braun

Following his studies in Austria and abroad as well as years of professional experience in Great Britain and Luxembourg, he joined the company in December 2016.

born 1990
Roderich Martin Braun

After studies in Austria, Hong Kong and Sweden, professional experience in Austria and Sweden, he joins the family business in May 2018. Since January 2021 he is the managing director of the BRAUN Decommissioning Technologies.

He is on the board of directors of the Austrian and the International Concrete Drilling and Sawing Association.