Power Plant Spinnerei Feldkirch | DECEMBER 2021

BRAUN Maschinenfabrik was tasked with retrofitting a mobile telescope trash rake machine to the already existing hydroelectric power station Spinnerei Feldkirch, which is owned by FA Hämmerle Holding AG. The trash rake cleaning machine is needed to remove debris from the existing intake rake. The machine can be operated automatically - therefore staffing is not necessary.


In order to be able to integrate the trash rake cleaning machine into the existing intake structure, a 3D laser measurement was carried out while the weir field remained in blocked state. With the findings from the laser survey, a new substructure for the trash rack cleaning machine could be planned into the existing, almost 100-year-old structure.


In November 2021, the mobile telescope trash rake machine for the hydroelectric power plant Spinnerei Feldkirch was assembled at BRAUN Maschinenfabrik and pre-commissioned. Delivery took place at the end of November.


After assembly, commissioning and a successful performance test, BRAUN received the final acceptance by Kraftwerk Spinnerei Feldkirch GmbH on December 17th, 2021.