Products and Solutions

Since 1965 BRAUN has built an excellent reputation for innovative, tailor-made solutions for cutting and surface grinding.  BRAUN is known for the power, robustness and quality of its machines and systems, as well as a high degree of customer orientation, flexibility and reliability. As a result, BRAUN has established itself as a as global technology leader and preferred partner of the international steel and metals industries.


Metal products must be cut at various stages of their manufacturing process - from strand or slab casting to conditioning and finishing. In addition to dividing product material into intermediate and finished lengths, the workpiece ends are cropped and sample pieces must be cut. This is not as simple as it may sound, as demanding, application-specific criteria have to be fulfilled. BRAUN has the optimum cutting technology, machines, and expertise for a broad spectrum of metal cutting applications.

Surface Grinding

In order to avoid problems in the downstream production processes of semi-finished products, such as billets, blooms, ingots, slabs, as well as seamless tubes, it is necessary to remove material defects, particularly on the product surface, prior to the next manufacturing step. Grinding is the most reliable and efficient method to achieve this goal. BRAUN offers custom-tailored, flexible, multi-functional grinding solutions to reliably and efficiently grind off local flaws and bright grind entire workpieces.

Automated Turnkey Solutions

In response to customer requirements, BRAUN delivers tailored solutions, such as a high-performance abrasive cut-off machine, optimally integrated into the overall line (e.g., into a new or existing rolling mill).  BRAUN also supplies complete solutions including material handling and automation as well as - if necessary - the integration of special technology components from first-class external suppliers who, like BRAUN, are absolute experts in their field of activity.

Lifetime Service and Support

BRAUN machines are famous for their robust construction, reliability, and long service life.  To ensure the optimal performance of your BRAUN machine we offer various service options as part of our Lifetime Service Support commitment. We partner with customers to provide optimal support over the entire life of the machine.  

Consulting Engineering

As independent experts in abrasive cutting, grinding, and related process and material handling systems, we know what we're talking about.  Since 1965 BRAUN has dealt with these topics on a daily basis.  BRAUN is uniquely competent to professionally support our clients in every step of the project. Moreover, BRAUN's performance-improving consultancy is available for all major makes and types of abrasive cutting and grinding equipment in the metals industry.