Order receipt - TATA Steel Longproducts



Positive news für BRAUN,

New Orderintake from one of the largest steelmakers in INDIA!


The Indian company TATA Steel Long Products has awarded the contract for a new Billet Conditioning Line to the Austrian company BRAUN Maschinenfabrik GmbH.


TATA Steel Long Products' decision to choose BRAUN for this significant contract underscores the technical advantages and high quality of BRAUN's machines. The reliability, low maintenance requirements, and tailored solutions undoubtedly contributed to the selection.


The ground billets will be used as raw material for the newly constructed bar and wire mill in Jamshedpur. A new building measuring 500x150m has been specifically erected for this purpose. The billets have dimensions ranging from 150x150 to 300x300mm in cross-section and can be up to 12m long.


With the delivery of the high-performance billet grinding machine HP6 and the overall engineering for billet handling, including the shot blasting system and crack detection through magnetic particle inspection, BRAUN offers a comprehensive solution for the requirements of TATA Steel Long Products.


The fact that parts of the delivery are carried out through Indian and Italian partner companies also emphasizes the importance of partnerships and collaboration in the global economy.


The billet grinding machine will be manufactured and extensively tested at BRAUN's headquarter in Vöcklabruck, Austria. The equipment is scheduled for delivery in May 2024, with commissioning and acceptance planned for June/July 2024. BRAUN is thus fully on schedule, to the utmost satisfaction of TATA Steel.


Overall, this contract represents a significant milestone for BRAUN Maschinenfabrik GmbH and underscores their position as a leading provider of machinery and solutions for the steel industry.


(March 2024)