Revamps, Modernizations, and Upgrades

Revisions, Modernizations, and Upgrades

BRAUN machines are built for the toughest conditions and are famous for their longevity. So that you can continue to use older BRAUN systems in your current and future operations, BRAUN offers you the following services:

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  • Revision of your old BRAUN machine:
    Even with older BRAUN machines, revisions make sense.
    Ideally the work would be done at BRAUN, but could also be completed at your plant by the competent specialist staff and with the know-how of BRAUN. After such a comprehensive service, your old BRAUN machine is almost as new again.

  • Modernization of your old BRAUN machine:
    Before: a 35 year old cut-off machine
    After: a refurbished, modernized cut-off machine with accessories for a new process line.

    In the many years in which your BRAUN machine has served you well, of course, the technical development has also progressed. This applies both to design improvements in the context of continuous research and development at BRAUN, as well as developments in important purchased components (e.g., new generations of programmable logic controllers and visualization systems instead of relay controls and signal lamp displays). Such a modernization will make your old BRAUN machine almost as good as new, state-of-the-art, meeting all the requirements of a modern production facility.
  • Upgrade your old BRAUN machine:

    Example: Cut-Off machine Model TS 16 (18) L - rebuilt for larger cutting wheel diameter (now 1800 mm instead of the original 1600 mm).

    Your product range has changed since the initial startup of your BRAUN machine?
    The material cross sections are larger than before?
    You have invested in a new host computer system for your plant and your BRAUN machine will be connected to it?
    No problem!  As a rule, BRAUN machines have enough power and space reserves to enlarge them "by one number" with relatively simple means. The functionality of the machine control can also be expanded if necessary. Tell us what you need. We examine what needs to be done and are happy to offer you a solution.