Expert Consulting

Do you already use cutting or grinding equipment (possibly also from suppliers other than BRAUN) in your factory and are you annoyed by recurring problems with these machines and/or related equipment? Give us a call! As experts in cutting and surface grinding - with know-how for custom applications - we are happy to provide expertise as to how these problems can be minimized or even eliminated.

Do you have questions about our product or want to place an order?
Contact us - our competent staff will be pleased to advise you!

Of course, replacing an unsafe or under-performng or unsupported machine with a very capable BRAUN machine, optimally tailored to the application, is always a good solution. Often, however, it is not necessary to replace the entire existing machine to achieve acceptable results. In many cases it is possible to make professional improvements to targeted problem areas, as far as the design of the existing machine permits. With extensive expertise built up since 1965, BRAUN's experts are competent to accurately record and analyze the condition of the existing machine based on documentation and on-site inspection. From these inputs we generate a written report documenting the system capabilities, problem area root causes, and an actionable plan for possible improvements.  If you are worried about safety and performance of your cutting or grinding line, please contact BRAUN to learn about possible solutions.