Re-Order by GERDAU Monroe Mill | APRIL 2022

In April 2022, BRAUN Maschinenfabrik received another order from the US special steel manufacturer GERDAU Monroe Mill. After the engineering order for the conversion and new construction of its cut-off machines for the Small Bar Mill in Monroe Steel, Michigan was carried out last year, BRAUN has now received the order for delivery and commissioning.

The order includes the material clamping device, rest piece removal system, length stop and spare parts package for the ACM#1 and the material clamping device and rest piece removal system for the ACM#2. A movable TS 16 F (ACM#3) with individually movable roller table, bar adjusting device, length stop, outlet roller table, dust extraction system and a spare parts package will be supplied by BRAUN. Particular attention is paid to the electrics and automation system with specific requirements for the power cabinet units and motor control centres.

With the upgraded SBQ bar mill, in which the BRAUN abrasive cut-off machine as well as associated and additional equipment will be installed, rolled special steel products with diameters between 15.9 to 82.6 mm are to be cut into final length.

The delivery of the conversion parts for the existing machines will take place in December 2022, the delivery of the BRAUN cut-off machine including the associated equipment is scheduled for May 2023.