Small Abrasive Cut-Off Machines by BRAUN-SILVERCUT

The BRAUN-SILVERCUT product line was developed in collaboration with the German company SILVERCUT-Silbermann GmbH, a leading manufacturer of high-quality, sophisticated wet and dry cutting machines. These compact abrasive cut-off machines are ideal for dry or wet cutting for metallographic and smaller cross-section production applications in the metal long products and pipe industries. While the production of these machines remains in the proven hands of SILVERCUT, the worldwide distribution of the BRAUN-SILVERCUT product line for the steel and pipe industries is exclusively via BRAUN.

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Production Cut-Off Machines

BRAUN-SILVERCUT wet or dry abrasive cut-off machines are known for their quality and robustness.  They are available in a range of sizes and designs to match your particular requirements.  The experts at BRAUN will be glad to answer your questions and provide application guidance. 

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Wet and drive abrasive cutting machines from 4 to 30 kW (5 - 40 hp) and cutting wheels from 300 to 600 mm (12" - 24") can be supplied as stand-alone machines or with loading and unloading modules.