Wall Shaver

The patented system for shaving off and grinding concrete surfaces.

Large stock removal rates allow for the safe, quick, and cost-effective decontamination of surfaces. In addition to its use for dismantling decontaminated objects, the wall shaver can also be used to level concrete surfaces and to prepare for coatings. Dry, dust-free processing minimizes health concerns. Due to the automated operation, the operating time is maximized compared to hand-guided machines, because hand and arm vibrations are now a thing of the past. The newest development allows undercutting of concrete layers so that an abrasion depth of up to 50 mm per operation is possible.

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BWF Pneumatic

The patented, dustless system for the efficient removal of contaminated areas on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces.

The tool rotates parallel to the wall, which allows for it to mill fully enclosed suction hoods up to 3 cm from the edge. An unprocessed area of about a centimeter remains on open suction hoods. The flow-optimized tools and the appropriate suction hoods make a dustfree processing possible and thus minimize the risk for operating personnel. Milling depths of up to 10 mm per cycle paired with the long service life of tools ensures a high stock removal rate of up to 10 m² per hour. The dustfree, dry processing avoids additional waste. The pneumatic system is best suitable for milling contours.

Areas of application

  • Removal of coatings
  • Removal of contaminated surfaces
  • Preparation of surfaces



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Technical Data

max. milling tool diameter 600 mm
max. milling depth per cycle 10 mm
max. motor speed 6000 U/min
max. output power 18 kW
max. fuse protection 16 A / 35 A
weight of HF motor 11.5 kg
weight of saw head 26.5 kg
feed drive electric
depth feed pneumatic
height adjustment electric


  • Mobile substructure
  • Auxilliary construction for ceiling milling tasks
  • Various mounting options
    • Vacuum plates
    • BRAUN modular system
    • Magnetic base
    • Plus base
  • Tools for varoius materials
  • Dust extraction with HEPA filter