Wire Saws

BRAUN wire saw systems are characterized by their high flexibility and a wide application spectrum. Professionals trust BRAUN engine technologies as a drive unit, and drill rigs or existing wall saws serve as the base units. Developed by BRAUN, the wire storage guarantees a low and even rope load during an advancing cut. A wide range of accessories compliments the wire saw systems and replaces special machines which are often expensive.

SSP 2.0

Complete system

The 11 kW wire saw system distinguishes itself through its compact design and fully automatic control. Thanks to the sophisticated storage system, it ensures simple and safe operation and a cut surface of up to 8 m² without shortening the wire.

Its Advantages:

  • Cutting speed can be adjusted smoothly
  • Compact– universal – flexible
  • Long maintenance intervals thanks to tried and tested BRAUN technology
  • High cutting performance
  • Optimal use of wire: shortening of the diamond wire is not necessary
  • Construction which reduces rope wear through large deflection radii
  • Short set-up times due to the sophisticated assembly system
  • Numerous application possibilities
  • Simple and safe operation

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Technical Data

drive power 11 kW
feed drive electric
control manual / automatic
storage capacity up to 12 lfm
useful length of drill rig 800 mm
drive pulleys 600 mm diameter


  • Attachment kit for plunge cut saws
  • Bulletproof security curtain
  • Water dispenser for efficient cooling
  • Wire steering system and guide rollers