Plunge Cut Saws

This is another solution for cutting foundations at deep depths and for cuts where is not possible to cut across for structural reasons. Everything that has been solved with stitch drilling or via wire saws can be done in a cost-efficient manner using this saw.

Cutting depths of up to 10 meters with a width of 1200 mm are possible without moving the plunge cut saws. The only precondition is a drill hole with a Ø 200 mm diameter which complies with the cutting depth. These saws can be deployed underwater without any problem.

Plunge Cut Saws

Cutting depths of up to 10 m are no problem for the BRAUN plunge cut saws. Built onto the drill rig, the plunge cut saws offer two different hydraulic drives.

Cuttings widths of up to 1200 mm are possible without any adjustments. A specially developed flange makes flush cuts possible during a plunge.

Intelligent accessories, such as the rail guide, extend the area of application up to the serial drill rig or make it possible to quickly cut a foundation.

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Technical Data

drive hydraulic
drive power up to 26 kW
maximal operating pressure 300 bar
maximal saw blade diameter 1200 mm
maximal cutting depth 10 m


  • Drill motor recording
  • Drill spindle storage
  • Extension of the drill spindle storage
  • Extension posts for various cutting depths
  • Diamond-studded flush flange
  • Screen protection for up to Ø 1200 mm
  • Feed slides and rails for series cuts
  • Electric feed drive
  • BRAUN hydraulic unit
  • Hose package