Decommissioning Technologies

For over 35 years BRAUN has dealt with the development of mobile machines for the construction industry as well as the dismantling of nuclear facilities. Thus, BRAUN came to work in the field decommissioning of nuclear power plants and research laboratories.


Intensive research and development guarantees the best solution for application.
Close collaboration with operators and tool manufacturers make improving the machines constantly possible.

Concrete Cutting and Drilling Machines

Over 35 years of experience goes into the development of our machines in order to live up to the title of leading cutting specialists. Aside from drill rigs, wall saws, wire saws, and hydraulic units, we offer numerous accessories and custom machines which are tailored to your specific needs. Modular structures and possible combinations allow our customers a large area of application. An investment that pays off.

Decommissioning Technologies

In addition to machines which cut and drill concrete, we also offer machines for special decommissioning requirements. Our machines are designed for extreme loads. Thus, the machines can be implemented underwater or the tools can run without any water cooling. Various materials such as contaminated coatings, concrete surfaces, or steel can be machined using BRAUN-machines.

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