Bridge Wire Saw for stream dryer

Bridge Wire Saw

BRAUN successfully delivered the first mobile bridge wire saw to a Russian customer. The wire saw portal can be disassembled into 1.5 meter long individual parts to bring the system easily through a door in a control area. The mobile portal (width 6.5 m, height 10.5 m) is used for the dismantling of 8 heat exchangers or steam generators in a nuclear power plant. These are each in individual chambers that can only be entered through a normal door. Even a crane, for the assembly of the machine and for the removal of sawn components, is not available in the chambers, which has posed a great challenge to the technicians of BRAUN, because all components of the wire saw portal must be transported manually into the chambers and there be assembled. Due to the radioactive contamination of the heat exchangers, the system was largely automated and remotely controlled via a camera system. The BRAUN bridge wire saw is unique in the world, due to the modular construction in girder mast construction made of aluminum, and the combinability with the patented BRAUN cold cutting saw allows the cutting of a wide range of materials.